Three Types of Metal Garage Doors to Consider

17 May 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

You've decided you want a steel garage door. You like the idea of strength without a lot of maintenance, but you are not sure exactly which type of door you need. Here are three types of steel garage doors to consider:

1. Hollow Sheet Metal Door

If you just want a basic steel garage door, opt for a hollow roller door. These are often referred to as single layer doors, and they are the least expensive metal garage doors. They are great if you want basic protection from the elements and thieves, but unfortunately, they do not offer a lot of insulation.

You can use these doors to showcase a cool metallic look at your home, or you can have a primer and polyester top coat baked onto them in the colour of your choice.

2. Sheet Metal With Foam Inserts

If you are willing to spend a bit more money, consider a double-layer garage door. These doors have a layer of sheet metal attached to layers of foam. The sheet metal creates the front of the door, and it provides a stylish but utilitarian look on your garage. Again, you can opt for a metallic look or a painted look.

The foam is facing the inside of your garage, and it helps to insulate your garage. If your garage is connected to your home and you want to reduce the amount of heat or air conditioning you lose from your dwelling, you may want to opt for this type of garage door.

3. Double-Sided Steel With Interior Insulation

The third option for steel garage doors is a triple-layered door. This features a layer of metal on the inside and outside of the door with a layer of insulation between the layers of sheet metal. If you spend a lot of time working in your garage or if you are turning it into an extra living area, this is the type of door you want to choose.

The insulation optimises your heating and cooling efforts to make your garage comfortable for spending long spells of time there, and the metal helps provide durability both inside and outside the garage. For the greatest resistance to blows and bumps, opt for the highest gauge of sheet metal possible in the construction of your door. For example, if possible, choose 28 gauge steel over a lower gauge.

Want more guidance on choosing the right design for your metal door? Talk with a garage door professional, or consult with a sheet metal worker about customising a door from scratch.