How to Increase Your Garage Security

5 February 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Having proper home security is important not just to prevent theft, but also to keep your family safe. While you may have excellent home security, don't forget about your garage, especially if it is attached to the house. These tips will help you increase the security of your garage so your family remains safe and protected.

Improve the Garage Door Locks

You can start by getting the best locks possible for your garage. If you currently have a traditional garage door remote that you keep in your vehicle, consider switching to one that goes on your keys. That way, you always have it with you, and nobody can break into your car at night to take it. If you want to make a bigger investment in garage door security, convert the garage door opener to a keypad placed outside the garage. You can program a security code to gain entrance to the garage, which provides more security than the remotes. You can also have a high-security deadbolt installed on the door that goes from the garage to the house, preventing anyone else from getting inside.

Have a Peephole Installed

While you may have a peephole installed in your front door, you should also consider putting one in the door that goes from your house to your garage. This allows you to view the peephole if you hear something strange in the garage late at night or when you are home alone. If this door is locked, they should not be able to get inside your house. But if you open it, you are putting yourself and family in danger. Get a wide-angle peephole so you can see more of the garage. If you see someone in the garage, do not open the door. Call the police.

Install a Home Security System

For even better security of your garage, you can install a home security system. This allows you to have proper security in both your home and the garage. Place sensors outside the garage door so that a light goes on if someone gets too close. This often deters criminals because they don't want to get caught. Have video cameras placed strategically inside and outside the garage so that you have advanced notice of a burglar and can call the police. You can get home automation with the security system, which allows you to view the cameras from your smartphone, as well as controlling the door, lock, and lights all from your phone.