How to Improve Your School Fundraiser

10 March 2016
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If you are in charge of your school fundraiser, there are many ways to advertise it and earn as much money as possible. Here are some tips for improving the success of the fundraiser for the best final results.

Have Promotional Items Custom Made

When you are going to have a school fundraiser, you don't want to have low-quality promotional materials printed. While you can print a few color flyers from your office computer or home printer, it uses up a lot of ink and will likely not look as expertly made as if you went to a professional printer. You can either design it yourself then bring it to a printer, or go to a graphic designer to have them made. Getting flyers and other promotional materials designed professionally can make them stand out and entice more people to donate to the fundraiser.

Keep the Fundraisers Simple and Straightforward

With school fundraisers, you are better sticking to just one fundraiser at a time as more people are likely to donate to that one fundraiser. If you have multiple groups and clubs having fundraisers at the same time, parents and neighbors might not know which to support. Most people are not going to be able to buy something from 10 different groups, so it is best to limit the number you have going at one time. Also make each fundraiser straightforward, only selling or promoting one type of item at a time, whether it is sweets or wrapping paper.

Advertise Fundraisers as Gifts

While many people might not want to buy products from the fundraiser for themselves, they will often be more encouraged to help out when they can give it as a gift to someone else. Promoting items as gifts they can give to other people is a great way to get more attention. For example, if your fundraiser is selling different types of treats, promote the treats for birthday or holiday gifts for the person's friends and loved ones. Tell them benefits of giving these treats as gifts, as opposed to regular store-bought items.

Utilize Social Media

Advertising on social media works for businesses very well, so there is no reason you can't also use it for your school fundraiser. Make sure you post on your school's Facebook and Twitter pages often, and utilize YouTube and Instagram for the fundraiser as well. Encourage students and parents to sell the products through their personal social media pages as this often gets more activity and money raised.