Home Construction: Mobile Cranes to Consider for the Project

28 March 2016
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When building your new home, you will require numerous types of heavy equipment for the construction processes. One of these critical machines is the mobile crane. This type of contraption is designed to hoist and lower heavy materials such as building supplies and tooling within the worksite. In addition, the crane can be used to transport items around the property with ease. Mobile cranes are favourable over fixed alternatives because the equipment can be moved freely around the site and does not require a lot of placement space. Here are the mobile crane options that you should consider for residential construction projects.

Truck-mounted Crane

As implied, this type of crane consists of the crane lifting components and the truck carrier element. The truck-mounted crane can carry heavy suspended loads within the worksite and even outside the property confines as long as the travel speed is low and the lifting components are kept stationary. This configuration is advantageous because you will not need to rent a separate vehicle to carry the crane to your job site. However, you should note that weight restrictions in terms of gross vehicle mass might be imposed on some roads, particularly residential ones. Therefore, inquire from the supplier or local transportation authorities about any required permits.

Rough Terrain Crane

The rough terrain crane consists of the lifting and weight-handling components, and these are mounted on a strong undercarriage with resilient tyres. This type of machinery is suited for pick-and-carry operations on rough terrain and general off-road conditions. The rough terrain truck has an engine that powers both the crane and the undercarriage so the energy demands are lower compared to the truck-mounted alternative. In addition, this equipment has four-wheel drive capabilities, which makes movement on slick and tight worksites much easier. You can also choose an all-terrain crane for varied travel and worksite conditions. This option has the ideal roadability on public roads attached to a truck-mounted truck, and it can manoeuvre harsh worksite conditions like the rough terrain truck.

Crawler Crane

If you are building your new home in a rural region with complex terrain, you should consider renting the crawler crane. This type of heavy equipment is configured like the rough-terrain design; it has the connected undercarriage and the lifting elements. However, instead of tyres, there are crawler tracks which can handle steeper roads and soft, muddy worksites without sinking. This is because the tracks spread the weight and this makes the equipment stable. Unfortunately, the crawler crane is heavy and incurs high transportation costs.