Stainless Steel Counter-Tops: Four Reasons Why Your Kitchen Needs Them

8 July 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Kitchen counter-tops come in different designs and materials to suit a user's needs, style, and preference. The choices may appear overwhelming, but in reality, you can always choose from a variety of options such as concrete, stainless steel, or plastic laminate. The stainless steel counter-top is popular among shrewd kitchen enthusiasts because of qualities like toughness, aesthetics, and improved hygiene. These qualities allow the counter-top to play both functional and decorative purposes. Here are four benefits of stainless steel counter-tops that kitchen users can consider.

Tough Surface -- The shiny and smooth feel of stainless steel may fool you to doubt the robustness of the material. Throw anything at it and this counter-top will take it. From a coarse vegetable grater to sharp knives, stainless counter-tops will absorb all the brute force without sustaining ugly dents or scratches. Because the metal can moderately conduct heat, you can place a hot pot or pan on the counter-top without damaging it. The resistance of the counter-top to corrosion implies that you should not worry about spillage of oils, vinegar, and acids. Go for designs that are reinforced with chromium for extra toughness.

Good Hygiene Because of Ease of Cleaning -- A clean kitchen is not only appealing to the eye but also ensures healthy eating and living. Stainless steel counter-tops simplify the daunting task of cleaning the kitchen before and after preparing food. The metal sheet has a non-porous micro-crystalline coating that makes the cleaning process effortless. Therefore, you can simply wash off any bacteria growth, leaving the counter-top with a perfect, original finish.

Seamless Integration with Stainless Steel Sinks -- If you are into matching your decor for aesthetic purposes, then stainless counter-tops is your best fit. You can match this counter-top with a stainless steel kitchen sink for a striking touch to your kitchen. Have a professional join the sink and the counter-top by welding. Then polish the seams to give the kitchen interior a consistent and appealing look.

Longevity and Suitability for Modern Kitchens -- The toughness of stainless steel counter-tops mean that they require low maintenance. They can survive for many years without requiring regular maintenance like their wood and concrete counterparts. The neutrality of stainless steel color means that it can fit in any kitchen. Due to its ability to reflect artificial and natural light, stainless steel counter-tops are ideal for contemporary kitchens. If you have an antique kitchen decor, you can always incorporate stainless counter-tops without clashing with different hues in the kitchen.