4 Tips for Installing and Maintaining PVC Swing Doors in Warehouses

31 July 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Comfortable working conditions coupled with protection of products can be expensive and difficult to achieve in an industrial setting. PVC swing doors are used in various applications, such as control of noise, dust, insect, fumes, and for privacy screening. Furthermore, PVC doors are ideal for clean rooms and areas that hold equipment that requires controlled temperatures. With all the applications, PVC swing door materials should be of the highest grade to survive the harshest conditions. For example, if you need extra privacy and protection, then choose door panel styles that suit such functions. Here are some considerations for installing and maintaining PVC swing doors in warehouses.

Speed and Low Cost of Installation

PVC doors are a more cost-effective way of separating work environments compared to conventional door systems. A PVC swing door is cheaper and easier to install because it is often custom-made to suit a warehouse environment. Most of the PVC swing doors come as a kit with easy-to-follow installation instructions. Therefore, any handy person can install such a door at a marginal cost. However, door manufacturers can also recommend door installers near your location at an affordable rate. In this sense, many swing doors can be installed within a short time, separating various departments in a warehouse without causing any disruption in daily operations.


Most warehouses store products and equipment that require a constant temperature. PVC swing doors can contain indoor temperatures, whether it is maintaining hot, humid air or cold air inside. PVC doors act as barriers that insulate rooms against unnecessary heat loss. By preserving warehouse temperatures, PVC doors reduce the cost of cooling and heating. Therefore, consider buying PVC doors with double panels for extra insulation capability.

Application and Material

PVC materials are available in a wide range of grades, sizes, and types to suit the needs of various warehouses. Notably, the PVC door you intend to buy might differ in price based on multiple factors, for example, tensile strength, which is the total amount of force that the door can withstand before breaking. Depending on the use of a door, extra properties such as flame-resistance, noise reduction, anti-static, and ultraviolet inhibitors can increase the cost of a PVC swing door.

Lubricate Moving Parts

PVC doors have moving parts that enable the doors to close and open accordingly. Hinges can suffer from wear and tear due to intensive use of PVC swing doors over an extended period. Lubricating hinges and other movable parts will reduce the annoying squeaking sound while also decelerating degradation of the moving parts. It is recommended to use non-petroleum oils that do not cause dust buildup.