How to prevent an industrial refrigerator from breaking down

19 December 2016
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An industrial refrigerator represents a significant expense for any manufacturer.  If it breaks down as a result of a lack of maintenance, it can be very expensive to repair. It could end up costing them even more if the refrigerator malfunctions whilst it is being used to keep perishable goods cool. Luckily, this scenario can easily be avoided by establishing an effective refrigerator maintenance routine, as outlined below. Keep track of the refrigerator's performance and functionality Read More 

Forms of Marine Corrosion You Might Encounter With Stainless Steel on Your Boat

28 November 2016
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Corrosion refers to a process of change in the structure of metals, which affects both its chemical and physical composition. It leads to the loss of aesthetic appeal and structural strength. Even though stainless steel is fabricated to stand to corrosion, some situations can push the metal to its limit and lead to corrosion. For instance, stainless steel boat railings immersed in salty seawater are in a constant corrosive environment. The same thing applies to the hull and propellers that stay immersed for very long periods. Read More 

Key Benefits of Using Laser Cutting In Processing and Manufacturing

10 October 2016
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Laser cutting refers to the use of a laser to cut through materials. Although typically used in metal fabrication, laser cutting can be utilised on an array of other materials such as plastics, wood, rubber and more. Since material cutting is a crucial stage in most, if not all, manufacturing processes, laser cutting has gradually increased in popularity as the preferred choice in processing and manufacturing. Below are some of the key benefits of using laser cutting to meet your processing and manufacturing needs. Read More 

Corrugated Metal Pipes | 4 Plausible Reasons Why Galvanised Steel Pipes Are Ideal For Your Construction Plans

8 August 2016
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Corrugated metal pipes are common in construction when it comes to building drainpipes, cooling ducts, sewers and much more. Corrugated steel is available in a variety of forms, so you need to plan carefully before making a final decision. This guide shows you why galvanised corrugated steel pipes are ideal for your construction plans. Long-Term Durability Galvanised corrugated metal pipes are strengthened with a layer of zinc, which protects the metal for the long haul. Read More 

Stainless Steel Counter-Tops: Four Reasons Why Your Kitchen Needs Them

8 July 2016
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Kitchen counter-tops come in different designs and materials to suit a user's needs, style, and preference. The choices may appear overwhelming, but in reality, you can always choose from a variety of options such as concrete, stainless steel, or plastic laminate. The stainless steel counter-top is popular among shrewd kitchen enthusiasts because of qualities like toughness, aesthetics, and improved hygiene. These qualities allow the counter-top to play both functional and decorative purposes. Read More