When Are Wood Shipping Crates a Better Option Than Shrink-Wrap?

15 June 2016
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When shipping large items on a pallet, you can usually use a shrink-wrap machine to wrap that item and ship it securely. However, this may not always be the best choice for your item in particular or for your shipping needs. A wood shipping crate can still be a better option for some shipping needs; note when this might be true so you can choose the right option for your company and for the materials or items you're shipping. Read More 

Home Construction: Mobile Cranes to Consider for the Project

28 March 2016
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When building your new home, you will require numerous types of heavy equipment for the construction processes. One of these critical machines is the mobile crane. This type of contraption is designed to hoist and lower heavy materials such as building supplies and tooling within the worksite. In addition, the crane can be used to transport items around the property with ease. Mobile cranes are favourable over fixed alternatives because the equipment can be moved freely around the site and does not require a lot of placement space. Read More 

Tips on Castor Wheels Maintenance

14 March 2016
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In industrial and manufacturing plants, castor wheels play an important role especially in moving heavy objects from one point to another. The proper maintenance of castor wheels, therefore, ensures that they are operating optimally and prevents occurrence of accidents. Maintenance is even more important in the case of specialized castor wheels. Therefore, users are responsible for proper operation and maintenance of both ordinary and specialized castor wheels. Use the following tips to help you do this: Read More 

How to Improve Your School Fundraiser

10 March 2016
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If you are in charge of your school fundraiser, there are many ways to advertise it and earn as much money as possible. Here are some tips for improving the success of the fundraiser for the best final results. Have Promotional Items Custom Made When you are going to have a school fundraiser, you don't want to have low-quality promotional materials printed. While you can print a few color flyers from your office computer or home printer, it uses up a lot of ink and will likely not look as expertly made as if you went to a professional printer. Read More 

4 Things You Should Look Out for When Choosing Trophies for Kids

25 January 2016
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Trophies are a unique idea you can consider when you're having troubles selecting gifts for children. They are not just for sporting events alone and, therefore, can be given for any occasion. For instance, trophies are a good choice when children show good conduct, participate in various events, or get excellent results. With vast options online to choose from, getting the right one can be challenging. For this reason, when choosing trophies for kids, here are a few suggestions you might want to consider: Read More